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4-horsewomenMixed martial artists are amazing. They are also a very sensitive bunch. I’ll stop short of collectively calling fighters “insecure” though, because I think they’d be offended (see what I did there? I’m NOT calling them insecure (more…)


roganHere’s an age-old argument suitable for sitting at the bar and pounding down beers. But it has a twist. The old “who would win?” argument has been around ever since the gladiators—by the way, who would win…Maximus or Spartacus? But this one adds a different element: who wins…Ronda Rousey (more…)

gina_caranoAll this Gina Carano talk is getting serious. I’ve been strongly voicing my opinion that the former Strikeforce champ is just going through the motions and has zero real interest in returning to fighting. The longer this goes, the more that opinion is making me look like an idiot. I’m not prepared to reverse my thoughts on this yet, but there are a lot of things that add up to Gina’s return being more possible than I imagined. (more…)

rondamieshaWe’ve been reading about the legal rift between UFC champ Ronda Rousey and her now-former manager Darin Harvey of Fight Tribe Management. Essentially Rousey won a court ruling that said her management contract was found invalid and (more…)

rouseyWMRowdy Ronda Rousey certainly has the name and persona for the squared circle. She’d make an incredible monster heel in the WWE’s “Divas” division, wouldn’t she? TMZ is reporting that that scenario isn’t (more…)

roganIf there’s anyone who can give Dana White a run for his money in the categories of excitability, hype and superlative, it’s commentator Joe Rogan. He has a knack for making every upcoming fight seem like the greatest thing you’ll ever witness in your life. Still, I keep listening to (more…)

MMA: UFC TUF 17 Finale-Tate vs ZinganoNow that Ronda Rousey has successfully defended her title against Sara McMann, the question always turns to what’s next? Number one contender Cat Zingano has been next for quite some time. Maybe her time will finally come this summer.

Ed (more…)

dodgeballWe all know Ronda Rousey’s coach Edmond Tarverdyan from his stint on TUF…and from his eyebrow. But he’s also got a knack for overstatement. It was just yesterday that he claimed that we’ll see Ronda out-wrestle Sara McMann next weekend. (more…)

186_rondarousey_sl4The writing is on the wall and I have a feeling Ronda Rousey’s UFC career could be a short one. The breakout star continues to shift her attention from the cage to Hollywood. “Rowdy” has been offered roles in two more big-budget films this year. (more…)

186_rondarousey_sl1This is probably considered a pretty vanilla choice, but how can you argue with Ronda Rousey as our Female Fighter of 2013? Let’s start with what she’s done inside the octagon over the past calendar year. She fought only twice due to a longer than normal break; but she was 2-0 and notched two more amazing armbar finishes. That alone would give (more…)