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Sometimes fighters say ridiculous things to try to get under the skin of another fighter. And many times, the things they use as bait make no sense at all. Prepare yourselves, because this is one of those times. I won’t beat around the bush. Junior Dos Santos said Cain Velasquez hits like a girl. I’ll make one concession on this story—maybe he was joking.

You won’t have to be reminded of the condition of Junior’s face (more…)


BigfootVIGWho’s ready for some crazy this morning? Ok, here’s the abridged version. Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva called out Thiago Silva after Thiago’s win over the weekend. That’s crazy enough right? Well Thiago said YES—at 205 pounds. End of story right? Bigfoot walks around at about 600 pounds. Not so fast. Bigfoot claims to be headed to the doctor to see how a drop in weight would affect his body!

Look, I’m no doctor, but let me go ahead and tell Antonio that there is no way in (more…)

Like a moth to a flame eh? It seems like you can’t go anywhere without running into yet another 80’s action star “training” one of today’s top MMA fighters. The latest example, Blood Sport icon Jean-Claude Van Damme and current Welterweight Kingpin GSP. I guess to hang with these two you have to have some kind of cool acronym for a name. Anyway, JCVD recently posted a video of him and GSP “training.” (more…)

So as most of you know, Anderson Silva will be making an appearance at this weekend’s UFC card in Canada. But before you get your hopes of seeing Anderson confront GSP in the cage afterwards, assuming he beats Carlos Condit, I’d check out Anderson’s comments to before getting too excited:

“I will go to Los Angeles and then I will go to Canada for UFC 154…but it is not my character to step in there and call somebody out. So I think this won’t happen. I fact I don’t just think, I am sure!” (more…)

Did he just say “white guy?” At first blush, after reading Henderson’s quote without any context you’d probably guess he was summoning his inner Isiah Thomas. If you don’t get the reference, I’m referring to a quote by HOF Detroit Pistons point guard Isiah Thomas, in which he essentially said, (Larry) Bird would just be another good player if he were black. And while UFC Lightweight champ Ben Henderson didn’t make that jump, he did have some interesting words for everybody’s favorite talking head, Chael Sonnen. (more…)

Tyrone Spong, for those that don’t know, is one of the best kickboxers in the world. With a 68-6 record and holder of numerous world titles, Spong has terrorized the kickboxing landscape for over a decade. Recently however, Spong decided to try his hand at MMA, and has been training consistently with the “Blackzillians” down in Florida. And as of this past Saturday, Spong made his much anticipated MMA debut under the WSOF banner, and what a debut it was. In just 3 minutes, Spong effectively humiliated MMA veteran Travis Bartlett, connecting with leg and head kicks at will, before ultimately knocking out Bartlett with a devastating right hand. (more…)

Wow! Crazy right? As Dana stated in this morning’s conference call, this is the first time during his 11 some year tenure that the UFC “had to” cancel an event. But here’s the thing, why did they have to cancel it? Sonnen wanted to fight, so why not keep him there as the main event? He’s a big draw. I also heard Chris Weidman was chomping at the bit to get a hold of Jones…why not Sonnen vs. Weidman as your main event? And if that didn’t work, why not scrap the PPV then and put it on free TV? My point, no matter how much Dana White yells and screams about it, Jon Jones nor Greg Jackson cancelled UFC 151. Sure they played a hand in it, but it wasn’t their ultimate decision. Knowing (more…)

No, that wasn’t what Fresh said on his prom night you bastards, rather that was Jon Fitch’s response in an interview posted by Bloody Elbow when asked if the Johny Hendricks fight was stopped too soon. Cray cray right? Here’s what Fitch had to say about the stoppage:

He dropped me with a good punch. I’ve been dropped before. Three has always been the number I believe, three unanswered blows before they should stop it, but I only got hit twice. I was up and completely fine immediately after. I immediately recognized the ref as he was jumping on me. I was fine, and I think I could have went longer. (more…)

So that’s why Vera got his eye socket smashed in in under a round when they first fought!…he didn’t take him seriously. I just thought Jones was playing on a different level. My bad. In an article from Yahoo, Vera talks about why he overlooked Jones when they first fought back in 2010, and why if he gets another shot, things will be very different.

“The very first time I fought Jon Jones, I thought he was just some young punk and I didn’t respect him at all. I got what I deserved,” recounted Vera. “If and when I do get a chance to fight Mr. Jones again, I promise he’ll have my full and undivided attention.” (more…)

Hmm, I thought Cerrone and Garcia were BFF’s? Well, before things start turning into a bad episode of “The Hills,” let’s just put this whole thing to bed and refer to Melvin’s own twitter page, where he so brazenly states that he and Cerrone are BFF’s. On the other hand, when asked if there was any “beef” between the two considering Melvin accepted Cerrone’s challenge, all Cerrone said was this.

As most of you may know, Cerrone and Guillard were “teammates” at Jackson/Winkeljohns before Guillard left to train with the “Blackzillians” earlier this year.

So when you combine that with the fact that both fighters like to “bang,” how could this fight not be literally the greatest fight ever in the history of the world (mustering up my inner Dana White)? (more…)