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octagonMaybe it’s just me, but I always get pissed when I’m watching a PPV at a sports bar and I can’t hear the goddamn event. The volume is so low at these places it drives me insane every time. (Side note: since it happens literally EVERY event, shouldn’t



A sneak peek at the UFC 173 event poster. Get ready for some USA chants.


rouseyWMRowdy Ronda Rousey certainly has the name and persona for the squared circle. She’d make an incredible monster heel in the WWE’s “Divas” division, wouldn’t she? TMZ is reporting that that scenario isn’t (more…)

check trophyAny serious collectors out there? Maybe you ran across this posting on eBay and did a double take. MMA legend Mark Coleman is selling one of the coolest packages in MMA history. It’s his Pride GP 2000 trophy for (more…)

Have you ever wondered how BJ Penn would fare on Jeopardy against Anderson Silva and Nick Diaz with Rener Gracie as host? Of course you have. In my dreams, Rener actually beats the hell out of that cocky, smug little bitch Alex Trebeck. I hate that guy.

tiger-muay-thai-logo-2010-square-with-thaiwritingFor the second year, Tiger Muay Thai & MMA Training Camp in Phuket, Thailand will be taking applications from eager young fighters to earn a training scholarship at the acclaimed gym. In all, there will be five MMA scholarships as well as two Muay Thai scholarships (more…)

Keith-Jardine-The Dan of Mean is back! And he’s serving his own brand of justice on mail thieves everywhere. Sounds like an amazing concept for a reality show, doesn’t it? Anyway, Keith Jardine chased down a mail burglar and threatened to whip his ass. The thief practically pissed his pants (more…)

Faking-soccer-injuryThis morning I was just thinking about how lucky we are, as MMA fans to follow a sport that’s full of so many great athletes. What can be better than two guys standing inside a cage to see which one comes out on top? Then I started messing around on something called Google, looking for the opposite of what MMA (more…)

ufcfightpassHardcore fans will be pleased to hear that UFC’s digital network, Fight Pass, will be rolling out the full library of fights in March. One of the big selling points of the service was the extensive fight library that was planned for the network. Currently Fight Pass is in the midst (more…)

Dana White foiled an attempted burglary when some tall guy tried to steal his bag at a hotel in Atlanta. Someone captured the heroic efforts by White. You can clearly see him choking the hooligan into submission.