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biggest-loser-logoAs always, when you have a tremendously exciting card, you have your winners and you have your losers. We had some fun yesterday with the Biggest Winners, but now it’s time to get somber. We have to talk about the guys who lost the most during UFC 173. In some cases, they weren’t even on the (more…)


deepvSometimes dominant performances aren’t due to mismatches. Sometimes, they can be attributed to one guy putting on an incredible show. That was the case for all three of the top fights at UFC 173. Dillashaw, Cormier and Lawler all won one-sided affairs (more…)

Davis-0256Actually, what Davis needs to do is worry about Anthony Johnson. Despite what the rankings say, I’m not convinced Davis can get past “Rumble” Saturday. Then where will he be?”

These were my closing remarks in an article last week. The article was slightly more critical of Phil Davis’s trash talk toward Jon Jones than (more…)

FOX UFC Saturday: Henderson v ThomsonI’ll come out and say it—I didn’t think much of this event. Part of my disdain for it was possibly already inside my head because of how disappointed I was to hear that there wouldn’t be a title fight in Chicago this time—and very few big names. I’m under the belief that Fox events should be used for one thing—to attract the casual viewer into (more…)

rondamieshaWe usually save our Biggest Winners and Biggest Losers columns for the pay per views. But based on some highlights—and especially lowlights—from Saturday’s TUF Finale, I think a few BW/BL’s are warranted.

Biggest Winners (more…)

simonThe UFC threw a party for their 20th anniversary Saturday night and we were all invited, as was the entire UFC family. Grandpa Dan Severn sat around and bored us all with his “interesting” anecdotes; creepy Uncle Mark Coleman invaded our personal space and might have hit on a few of our nubile cousins; and we even had a wedding anniversary crasher roaming around aimlessly wearing one boxing glove—no one (more…)

taylor-shockedUFC 167, the 20th anniversary celebration, had a big upset, an impressive comeback, and more drama than an after school special.  If you weren’t shooting beer from your nose or choking on a chicken wing when the main event decision was read, you obviously finished eating and drinking earlier in the evening.  Here’s a look back at the night’s biggest winners. (more…)

bigwinnerOk, full disclosure…there’s no one named Mikey on this list.

I was touting this event—on paper—for the past few weeks. Even the prelims were stacked with interesting fights—on paper. Problem is; ‘on paper’ means nothing. It probably wasn’t possible to live up to my expectations, but somehow UFC 166 did just that. (more…)

biggest-loser-logoThe stars at night were big and bright when UFC 166 was held deep in the heart of Texas. While there were fights almost as epic as the Battle of the Alamo, we also witnessed some guys take a beating like a cowboy trying to peddle New York City salsa. Everything is bigger in the Lone Star State including the losers.

Roy Nelson: Nelson slimmed down a bit for Saturday night’s match (more…)

Tito OrtizUFC 165’s main event might go down as the best fight of the year. BUT…that doesn’t mean we get to skip the Biggest Losers column. We love it far too much. Actually, you might be surprised to know that on our list this time are only 2 guys who actually fought Saturday. Rounding out the list is a contender sitting in the front row; a fighter sitting on his couch; and a curious looking translator/interpreter who must have (more…)