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Sonnen-vs-Wanderlei-PosterChael Sonnen knows how to get under the skin of whoever happens to be in his sights. Currently, the target is Wanderlei Silva. Sonnen and Silva are in the midst of recording a season of The Ultimate Fighter Brazil and it’s no surprise things are getting heated on the set. (more…)


Sonnen-vs-Wanderlei-PosterIn a statement we’ve NEVER heard before, Dana White is saying the next season of TUF Brazil is gonna be crazy! In case you didn’t catch that; it was sarcasm. White says something about the upcoming season of TUF being amazing EVERY damn season. But we’ll still bite. (more…)

DanaVIGOk Dana, you’re getting a bit predictable…and you sound like a carnival barker. Remember when he couldn’t stop hyping this amazing, incredible, unbelievable, insane knockout in season 17 of TUF? Well, he’s doing it again.

The first time (obviously this isn’t the “first” time he’s blown something up like this (more…)

silvasonnenstaredownTUF Brazil 3 has already been getting a lot of buzz because of the coaches, Chael Sonnen and Wanderlei Silva. And now, there’s even more to talk about. Sonnen, who has disparaged quite a few Brazilian fighters in his recent past, has invited one of them—Anderson Silva—to be an assistant coach. (more…)

Spice-GirlsRemember when Dana said women would never fight in the UFC?  After the recent success of female fighters, the promotion put all their chips in and officially announced an additional weight division for women in the UFC.

Put down the toilet seat, the invasion of the UFC by female fighters will (more…)

bollingerThis week’s episode of The Ultimate Fighter was both controversial and shocking to say the least. Even talking to Cody Bollinger on a weekly basis, I had no idea what was about to happen. Due to the buzz directly surrounding Cody’s weight cut, we spent the entire interview discussing that topic. Cody was both very candid and very honest during what I had to assume was a difficult subject for him to (more…)

rousey_tateYou would be hard pressed to find a more polarizing figure than Ronda Rousey in the UFC’s women’s division today. Prior to her stint as a coach on the recent season of The Ultimate Fighter, the champ had her fair share of detractors that cited her cockiness and attitude as reasons for their dislike. We have seen the rivalry between Rousey and Tate unfold weekly with snippets of (more…)

Sonnen-vs-Wanderlei-PosterDana White broke some news last night on live TV. The boss appeared on Fox Sports Live with host Chael Sonnen, who asked White to break some news for him. White agreed. And the news had a direct impact on Sonnen. The next coaches of TUF Brazil will be longtime rivals, Wanderlei Silva and Sonnen.

Sonnen appeared genuinely surprised and even asked if White was serious. “Are (more…)

tuf-18-group-shotRemember when Dana White said he’d never promote a women’s division in the UFC? He reasoned that that there just wasn’t enough interest in fans watching women’s fights and that the division wasn’t deep enough. This season of The Ultimate Fighter is proving both of those theories wrong.

Did you know that week after week this season, the women’s fights are (more…)

bollingerDespite a very close 3-round fight in the most recent episode of TUF, much of this week’s conversation with Cody centered around single scene that showed a personal moment with Cody breaking down on Father’s Day. He discusses that scene as well as some unflattering comments made by Julianna in her own TUF blog this week. We also laugh about Cody’s “OOPS!” realization that he dropped a spoiler alert (more…)