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jonestieJon Jones could be the dumbest guy I know. Just yesterday I wrote that Dana White claimed Jones was ducking Alexander Gustafsson. My thought was to reserve judgment until we heard from Jones—after all, this wouldn’t be the first time White has massaged the facts to lure a fighter into signing a deal or a fight. (more…)


anderson-silva-worth-picsAnderson Silva is arguably the greatest fighter in the history of mixed martial arts. His gruesome injury at UFC 168 shut down the former UFC champion, but only temporarily. Photos of Silva in the gym have given us all hope that Silva will be back in the octagon (more…)

UFC 165: Jones v GustafssonWe’ve recently been hearing all sorts of news about why Jon Jones hasn’t signed the contract to face Alexander Gustafsson yet. Dana White has already climbed behind his “podium of power” to shame Jones into signing, as he’s done to other fighters before. He started off vague (more…)

wand51Where was Wanderlei Silva during the TUF Finale? Maybe he wasn’t at the event because he was filming The A-Team. Or maybe that was a different no-show. As we know, Silva is in some hot water for supposedly running out the back door when UFC officials tried to drug (more…)

kingdanaDana White isn’t pleased at all that Jon Jones hasn’t signed the contract to fight Alexander Gustafsson yet. They are tentatively scheduled to fight a rematch sometime this fall. When asked what the delay was in setting a firm date for the fight, White said, “ask Jon (more…)

3-finaleHere’s a trivia question for all the fans out there. What’s the best way to make a mockery of a main event of a shitty card? WRONG! That was a trick question, because there are several steps needed to make that happen. (more…)

BigfootVIGAntonio Silva is already planning his return to the octagon when his 9 month suspension expires. After fighting Mark Hunt in one of the most memorable fights of the year—maybe ever—Bigfoot’s manager says he’s hoping to fight fellow veteran Josh Barnett next. (more…)

SOnnenVIG1In the midst of one of the biggest stories of the year so far, Chael Sonnen appeared on UFC Tonight to set the record straight on the events leading up to Wanderlei Silva being pulled from UFC 175; and also to bash his longtime rival. He claimed Silva ran from the (more…)

wandChael Sonnen was right. In what has seemed like the longest build-up to a grudge match in MMA history, Sonnen called it—Wanderlei Silva would somehow get himself out of the fight. Yesterday that prediction came true. Silva was pulled from the UFC 175 bout due to a couple very troubling issues. (more…)

biggest-loser-logoAs always, when you have a tremendously exciting card, you have your winners and you have your losers. We had some fun yesterday with the Biggest Winners, but now it’s time to get somber. We have to talk about the guys who lost the most during UFC 173. In some cases, they weren’t even on the (more…)