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roganIf there’s anyone who can give Dana White a run for his money in the categories of excitability, hype and superlative, it’s commentator Joe Rogan. He has a knack for making every upcoming fight seem like the greatest thing you’ll ever witness in your life. Still, I keep listening to (more…)


costanzahandsWe already know how highly (no pun intended) Nick Diaz thinks of himself. Just the other day he offered to do the UFC a favor by returning to the octagon in exchange for a title shot. His 2 fight losing streak didn’t weigh into his idea because he feels he’s (more…)

cm-punkWe’ve recently been hearing speculation—not even rumors yet—that WWE star and MMA enthusiast CM Punk might toy with the idea of fighting a mixed martial arts bout. We heard him discuss it with Ariel Helwani last week, but honestly it seemed more like an off-handed, empty (more…)

brockbeardDespite the ratings success of UFC 168, the UFC is dealing with a bit of a problem right now. Two of their biggest PPV draws and longest reigning champions—Anderson Silva and Georges St-Pierre—will both be out of action for quite some time. Other champs, Anthony Pettis and Cain (more…)

comks15789.jpg  BurglarHere’s a tip from the best criminal masterminds in the world…if you want to steal something, wait till the person gets in the shower. That’s exactly what happened (allegedly) to Georges St-Pierre’s championship belt following UFC 167. GSP explained the unlawful act this way. (more…)

FedorBrock_crop_650x440Hey…remember that time Brock Lesnar was supposed to be in attendance at UFC 168? Rumors spiraled out of control about the return of the former UFC heavyweight champ. Twitter went nuts. There were even rumors about Fedor Emelianenko being there as well. Well friends, this is what is best referred to as “a swerve.” (more…)

silvajonesIn case you didn’t know, Anderson Silva has a pretty big coming up later this month. The Spider will be trying to regain the belt he held for so long, by avenging his only loss in the UFC—ever—against Chris Weidman. But even with the rematch so close, many people are still talking about a boxing match between Silva and boxing (more…)

ShogunRuaI used to think moving around from weight class to weight class in MMA was a difficult thing to do. Sure, in boxing a guy can fight in multiple divisions rather easily since there seems to be a division at every half-pound. There’s been a recent run of fighters moving around lately and that trend is likely to continue. (more…)

machidasilvaLyoto Machida not only fought his friend Mark Munoz; he knocked out Munoz with a violent headkick. So he obviously has no problem separating friendship from his job. Anderson Silva on the other hand, might be in the same category as some other champions who are publicly refusing to face a friend inside the cage. (more…)

gsp_Georges St-Pierre is the talk of the town, and not just because of the questionable controversial decision he picked up over the weekend. TMZ first reported that St-Pierre’s personal issues that were briefly mentioned Saturday night were two fold. First he was dealing with a gravely ill father that was “dying.” Second, he supposedly got a woman pregnant, and he wasn’t too pleased about it. (more…)