Nick Diaz offered fight with Lyoto Machida at 185

Posted: August 16, 2013 in Commentary/Opinion, Latest news
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Nick DiazWell this is something we didn’t expect to be talking about. Dana White told everyone at a Q&A session that he offered the “retired” Nick Diaz a fight against former light heavyweight champ, Lyoto Machida. The fight would be at middleweight, assuming Diaz wants to move up and Machida wants to move down to 185.

Both have expressed a little interest in moving to middleweight, so this fight—which is sure to be high profile—might be intriguing to both fighters. Both fighters could use a big win; but neither can afford a loss.

Diaz is currently riding a 2 fight losing streak. Both were title fights. He lost by decision to both Carlos Condit for the interim title, and then Georges St-Pierre in a world title match. Likewise The Dragon is coming off a loss to Phil Davis in what most people consider a very tough—even shocking—decision.

If the size differences can be worked out, it appears to be a great matchup. We know Diaz can stand and strike with anyone. And Machida, while taking some criticism for his timid approach, certainly has his own unique striking ability. Perhaps The Dragon’s loss to Davis will make him turn to a more aggressive style.

Who you got?


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